About Dr. Shaker

Dr. Shaker started the Shaker Spine & Sport Institute in 1989. During his more than 27 year career he has accumulated over six (6) post-graduate certifications* in Sports Medicine, Exercise Rehabilitation, Strength Training and Neuromuscular Assessment and Function. He is also one of only a few Doctors skilled in Trigenics® Myoneural Medicine in the US. He received his training from Dr. Allan Austin, the founder of this amazing work. Dr. Austin was impressed with the level of skill and ability of Dr. Shaker and trained him to also teach the work to others in South Miami and Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Shaker's path toward helping others began as a young boy in Flint, Michigan. He has always had a penchant for questioning the process within the system, trying to understand "why" something presents as it does. This natural curiosity is what fuels his expertise in Orthopedic functional medicine. In high school, Dr. Shaker was a three sport, all state athlete. He excelled academically and athletically due to his own sense of drive and determination. Like many athletes, however, he incurred an injury that left him sidelined. His dad, Paul, was an ex All State Running Back at Flint Northern and went on to play Michigian State University. Paul, a sporting goods salesman who knew everyone, took him to all of the best conventional physicians in the area. None were able to help Dr. Shaker's injury, nor could they even agree on a diagnosis or treatment protocol. Finally, out of frustration and desperation, father and son were referred by then famous Flint Beecher football coach Mose Lacey to Dr. TJ Lindsay, a chiropractor in a small adjacent town. Dr. Lindsay was able to quickly and definitively put the star athlete back on the field. Dr Shaker knew from a very young age that he wanted to pursue a medical degree. This experience gave him the idea to maybe become a chiropractic physician. It was while Pre Med and playing baseball at USF that Dr Shaker finally decided to become a Chiropractor. Dr. Shaker has spent his career exploring and investigating novel approaches enhancing human function, movement and performance.

The natural adaptation for him as an athlete and physician that understands function and rehabilitation has led to a revered international reputation. The humble beginnings of his Michigan roots have been a mainstay for Dr. Shaker. He has never forgotten his mentors, teachers, and coaches who enabled him to become the man and physician he is. Dr. Shaker has strived to pay that effort forward in his own right. He has mentored countless youth, starting with his treasured nieces and nephews. It has become a mantra for him to give back the lessons he was shown. After one visit with "Shake", you will know, see and feel the difference.

Dr. Shaker has treated thousands of patients from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, therapists, clergy, professional athletes, law enforcement, amateur athletes, entertainers, artists, children and seniors. He has treated all ages and all types of pain and injury problems getting people back to their busy life as quickly as possible, returning to their jobs, regular activities, or the athletic arena.

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American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

Certified Chiropractic Sports physician*

The CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician*) certification requires the doctor to attend a minimum of 100 hours of a 120 hour postgraduate CCSP program. The hours mentioned are class hours. Following the completion of these hours, the doctor must take and successfully pass a comprehensive written examination to receive the CCSP certification.

While our doctors do not have an expiration date of their certification, they do have continuing education requirements to remain active. A CCSP is required to obtain 12.0 CEUs (hours) each year. In addition, they must pay an annual recertification fee and maintain a current CPR certification. If a doctor should not meet their recertification requirements at the end of a period, they will go into inactive status.

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American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board

Dr. Shaker is level 1 certified by the ACRB.

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The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic


Florida Chiropractic Association

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Hillsborough County Chiropractic Society

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