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Deborah Altieri- Ballroom Dancer December 2015

Dr. Shaker literally gave me my life back! As a competitive a mature ballroom dancer, I had been sidelined for almost a year due to increasingly agonising and immobilising sciatic pain. I had tried traditional chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and pain management injections, none of which provided a solution for me. I had even been referenced to a neurosurgeon and was so desperate for relief that I was actually considering surgery. Thank goodness I heard about Dr. Shaker before meeting with the surgeon! Under Dr. Shaker's care, I was back on the dance floor within weeks, feeling so much better, and, once again, enjoying the freedom of movement-PAIN FREE! His knowledge of Trigenics®, expertise in the body mind connection and experience in treating all types of injuries put him in a league of his own. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone seeking real answers for quick, true, and lasting pain relief. Dr. Shaker...you ROCK!

DSC01288 1 0299 299 Florida Gator Quarterback
-- Tim Tebow

Dr. Shaker, "thanks for getting me ready."

Tim Tebow after the loss to Mississippi, Tebow and the Gators went on to win the national championship 2008.

DSC01215 2 0148 148
Philadelphia Eagles Wide
-- Riley Cooper

"I had chronic turf toe which was hindering my ability to stay on both the football and baseball field. Despite the best efforts to fix me, nothing worked, and was getting worse. Dr. Shaker fixed me in 6 treatments. Thanks Doc!"

clayton2Buccaneer 3rd All-time Leading Receiver
--Michael Clayton

"Last season I was referred to Dr. Shaker by my teammates Brian Kelly and Ryan Nece. Unfortunately, I didn't take their advice. My injuries continued to pile up - resulting in 2 surgeries.

I finally came to Dr. Shaker in Feb. '06 as a last resort. At the time, I was unable to reach out with my left arm without pain. I had excrutiating pain in my left toe and was not able to extend my Right knee completely. I could not squat my own body weight without pain. I was unable to jog or workout. I had been treated for an alleged 'turf toe', for which I had received no relief. After treatment by Dr. Shaker my injuries were improved.

I am currently treating with Dr. Shaker 2 times per week to prepare for the upcoming season. I feel confident that with his help, I will be back at 100%. I feel he has saved and prolonged my career."

dexter 20jacksonBuccaneer Superbowl XXXVII MVP
--Dexter Jackson

"I was referred to Dr. Shaker by several of my teammates, including Brian Kelly. At the time, I could not play because my knee was clicking and I suffered from severe achilles tendonitis. After treatment by Dr. Shaker, I am currently pain free. I am so impressed with his abilities that I refer my family and colleagues."

ryan nece and DSTampa Bay Buccaneer Linebacker
-- Ryan Nece

"After having had surgery on my knee it was swelling and I was unable to completely extend it. After treatment by Dr. Shaker I had a noticeable and surprising increase in knee extension. Continued Trigenics® treatments have significantly helped my neck and my knee during the season. I consult with Dr. Shaker during the season for any injuries anywhere in my body, when other treatments have failed."

Doc 20Warrick 20Dunn JPGPro Bowl Running Back
Atlanta Falcons -- Warrick Dunn

"I've been treating with Dr. Shaker since 1997 when I was with the Buccaneers. Now with the Atlanta Falcons I still seek Dr. Shaker's expertise whenever I'm not feeling 110%. Over the course of my career Dr. Shaker has consistently got me back on the field.

Brian 20Kelly 20and 20Dr 20ShakerBuccaneer Defensive Back -- Brian Kelly

"I have been treating with Dr. Shaker exclusively for the past 4 seasons. He has fixed my neck, shoulder, low back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Without his assistance and care, I may not be playing today. Currently, Dr. Shaker also cares for my wife and 3 children. We continue to refer our family and friends to him."

mark 20carrierBuccaneer All Time Leading Receiver
--Mark Carrier

"I have been treating with Dr. Shaker since 1990 and I have since retired from the Carolina Panthers. The care and treatment of Dr. Shaker assisted me in my long productive career in the NFL. When I was still playing with the Panthers, I traveled to Tampa to be treated by Dr. Shaker."

orestes 20destradeOrestes Destrade with Ex-Yankee teammate, Don Mattingly

I met Dr. Shaker when we were both still playing baseball in college in 1983. Since that time. During my 15 year pro baseball career I have been treated by a plethora of specialists in both the US and Japan.

Steve 20WhiteTampa Bay Buccaneer Devensive Lineman
--DeWayne White

I had a pain in the back of my knee that was not responding to any treatment I was given. The x-rays and MRI's were negative. Many of my Buccaneer team mates swear by Dr. Shaker's work so I decided to treat with him. To my amazement, following treatment by Dr. Shaker, my pain was gone. I will use Dr. Shaker for all of my sports injury needs.

Doc R  ReynoldsTampa Bay Buccaneer & New England Patriot Defensive Back
--Ricky Reynolds

I have been treating with Doctor Shaker since 1990. I have referred my family, friends, and colleagues to him for the past 17 years. He has helped manage many of my ailments during my career. Currently, he is keeping my neck and shoulders healthy. Thanks Doc for all of your help!

raulPhiladelphia Phillies Star left fielder.
--Raul Ibanez

Over the course of my long career, I have been treated by many sports medicine specialists - both eastern and western. I have found Dr. Shaker's work to be the most effective for me

greg 20and 20jaysonPhiladelphia Phillies, MLB leading pinch hitter (2008)
-- Greg Dobbs
My career has been challenged by a multitude of injuries. Over the past year, the injuries were taking their toll and becoming hard to overcome. Dr. Jason Amstutz, "Dr. J", was the first doctor to really enable me to start recovering from chronic foot, ankle, calf and shoulder problems. As the problems persisted, Dr. J then referred me to his mentor, Dr. Shaker. Quite simply, Dr Shaker’s knowledge, technique, and skills are like no other I have experienced. Because of Dr. Shaker’s medical care, I am now playing at nearly 100%. I will continue to treat with him throughout my career. I sincerely feel that both Dr. J and Dr. Shaker have saved and will preserve my career.

greg 20and 20jaysonPhiladelphia Phillies
-- Jason Werth

For years I have had to overcome chronic and painful, Osteitis pubis (pelvic pain). This condition has significantly slowed me down, and led to compensation shoulder condition. My physical condition was so bad this year, (2008) I may have had to retire. I have been to several specialists over the past 5 years; none have helped. My teammate, Greg Dobbs referred me to Dr. Shaker. R. Shaker watched me walk, and then treated me. After one treatment, I felt an immediate relief in my pelvis and my gait improved. After six sessions I began to move and sprint like my old self. Dr. Shaker also fixed my shoulder. Thanks Doc for resurrecting my career!

* The specialty recognition identified herein has been received from a private organization not affiliated with or recognized by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine.