• Get Your Life Back

    Trigenics® can rapidly relieve your pain, restore your function and get you back in the game of life. 

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  • Avoid Joint Surgery

    If you are suffering from pain or dysfunction in any joint or tissue, Dr.Shaker can help. Whether your injury is acute, chronic, or you are considering surgery, or you already have had surgery, or would like to avoid a 2nd surgery, The Trigenics® Orthopedic Neurological System was designed to help you.

    raptor therapy tampa florida
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    Who you choose as your Doctor can significantly impact the health of your family and yourself. 

    Trigenics Therapy
  • Get Out of Pain

    Some people consider Trigenic® Orthopedic/Neurological system to be the single most advance and effect manual treatment system for pain relief and functional restoration in the world. 

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